GoodEarthGoodies is rooted in all that is simple, pure and natural – doing more with less while actively enjoying the abundant pleasures of life…

Our story started in 2008 with a simple, green-living blog, fueled by an interest in natural living solutions and a passion to reduce our footprint on this planet we call home.  Today, our community of visitors and friends are interested in living a life full of wellness and abundance, harnessing the power of natural resources, and mindful to recycle and upcycle whenever possible.

If you love DIY projects, thrifting, travel, backyard entertaining, and…

…doing more with less to become increasingly self-sufficient

…revolutionizing your approach to self-care and wellness through your own empowerment

…exploring the freedom and fun that comes from adventuring and doing things with your own hands


fresh vegetables and ingredients for recipe near oil and dishware on cozy kitchen
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