DIY Essential Oil Recipe: Cold/Flu Salve

The recipe for this salve is best suited for those age five years and older.

Today’s Essential Oil (EO) tincture is for respiratory support. If you are looking to combat this season’s cold and flu season, this quick little mixture can do the trick.  It can help loosen congestion, sooth a cough, and encourage a restful state.


1/4 cup organic oil (jojoba, sesame, coconut)
1/4 ounce organic beeswax
Thieves (15 drops), Lavender (10 drops), Peppermint (5 drops)

Melt beeswax in double-boiler or using mason jar set in boiling water
Once melted, add your choice of oil
Once fully melted and combined, remove from heat

Mix oils together and pour into glass or metal container
Carefully pour melted mixture into tin
Let cool and set

Application Suggestions:

Apply a small amount of salve to chest, neck and back as needed.  Can also be applied to soles of feet at bedtime, covering with socks.

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