Happiness is a Choice

It is true that triumph can evolve from adversity – that life’s greatest lessons and opportunities cadsc_0013n rise from the ashes of tragedy and heartbreak. I know this to be true personally. And if you look for it, you will find evidence to support this.

That’s why happiness is a choice. It does not come easy to all and is often elusive. But I promise, that no matter how dark your hour or how deep your despair, you can rise above it. You can transcend it. BELIEVE.  Just ask a butterfly.

To overcome adversity is a choice you decide to make and you have been given everything you need to succeed- it is not something you find in a flash sale, it’s not pinned on Pinterest, you can’t like it or share it, or buy it on Amazon – it was granted to you at your very birth- sewn into your very soul. And you can harvest it. 

After unsuccessful marriages (fueled by alcohol abuse and infidelity), a less-than-full life spent climbing the ladder in Corporate America, numerous fertility challenges (a baby post 40?), caring for a terminally-ill parent (cancer sucks), displacement and PTSD from 9/11, recovering from SuperStorm Sandy (see what I mean?)….I found TRUE HAPPINESS.  But it required patience (that took time, faith (I questioned it often), self-development and introspection (the truth hurts) – all of which led me to the love of my life!

So please know that anything is possible.  THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS. So make sure you redirect your thinking when you’re being hard on yourself.  You can be your own worst enemy or your biggest supporter.  You get to decide.

I have learned the importance of my difficult life’s lessons.  I’ve learned to take the time to be mission-driven, mindful, kind, authentic and purposeful. And I’m always happy to reach out to someone who needs some support!

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