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img_0764Hi!  Thanks for dropping in, and I hope you stay for a while!  This is my safe place – a place I come to create, to write, to share, and to collaborate with other like-minded souls.  It’s also how I happen to make a living, and I couldn’t be happier…..

My name is Maggie (and that’s my hubby Scott), and I am a self-proclaimed Wellness Warrior and Mission-Driven Entrepreneur! What is my mission you ask?  To share my magnificent obsession with all things natural, to highlight the merits of natural remedies and alternative therapies, to seek balance in an unbalanced world, and to grow my tribe and empower them with the knowledge, confidence, and tools to find a better way!  After nearly 20 years working in ‘real jobs’- as a change management consultant, strategic planner, business builder and Wall Street executive – I left Corporate America to find my authentic self.  While I enjoyed collecting the significant paychecks and bonuses, my spiritual credit score was on the decline!  So I decided to put my MBA, certifications, decades of professional experience, and my life’s trials and tribulations to the best possible use.

I am here to help you…..

I’ve had a good life thus far, but it hasn’t been ‘average’ nor always easy.  But it has always been interesting and challenging – and I’m discovering the OOLA way of living.  Finding balance in an unbalanced world is the key to success.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed my tenure as a Corporate Girl, successfully launching several entrepreneurial ventures, building and leading change management teams in numerous industries, authoring a patent, garnering media attention, and helping people make remarkable transitions in their professional and personal lives. Over the years I’ve completed two NYC marathons, profitably flipped properties, swam with sharks (literally! LOL), jumped from a plane (yes on purpose!), lived through 9/11 and SuperStormSandy, fueled my wanderlust with extensive travels, step-parented three terrific humans, and gave birth (after significant fertility struggles) to my son later (than I would have liked!) in life.  So what does that mean?

I am here to help you…

When did my interest in Wellness Advocacy begin?  It likely began when my Mom was diagnosed with cancer, and it likely took hold when she lost her struggle.  In the decade that my Mom battled courageously, I served as her health care advocate and cheerleader, ever vigilant to understand conventional medicine and treatments, while at the same time learning about, and applying, alternative therapies in complimentary, not competing, ways.  During this time, I discovered Essential Oils, and their myriad therapeutic benefits.  I was so inspired by results, that I became a therapeutic aromatherapy student, and completed my extensive re-search to find the planet’s best essential oils, and other natural solutions, to live my best life.

I am here to help you…

We may have a little, or a lot in common.  We may both be curious students of life.  Or maybe we are seekers, journeying in this life to find natural solutions to nurture our bodies – to heal ourselves and our loved ones, balance energy, promote emotional support, and prevent disease. Or maybe we feel entrusted to advocate for a better use of our natural resources, and to steward and respect this sacred place we call home.  We may not know each other, but we share something in common – it’s no accident that you’re here (there are no coincidences), and so begins a new friendship of sorts!

I enthusiastically advocate the use of Essential Oils, and other natural ‘goodies’ to support wellness, encourage balance, and detoxify home and body. I look forward to coaching others to live their best life, empowering them with the insights and tools to achieve their wellness and abundance goals. I am currently working toward my Certification as a Therapeutic Aromatherapist, and I enjoy my life as a Wellness Coach & Blogger, Young Living Independent Distributor, and business builder.

Faith & Family First – Fellowship, Fitness & Financial Freedom Follows…

Please join me, share with me, teach me…..I still have a lot to learn.  Together we can make a difference!

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