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In case you are in the mood for a little shopping!

Some of my best purchases, both large and small, came from a referral. When I find something useful, something I love, something that has made my life easier – I like to tell other people about it – I love sharing!  So I decided to create a list of some of my favorite finds.  I hope this list can be a sort of guide for you, that it can help with a project, answer a question, solve a problem, or empower you in some important way!

*Disclaimer:  I am legally obligated to let you know that I am a proud registered affiliate with Amazon, which means that I may make a referral fee when you follow any of the links.  The act of sharing may lead to a purchase which helps me build my business and stay home with my family.  So thank you!  As always, I invite you to share your finds or leave comments on what you find here!

BOOKS & REFERENCES: Click on each image for more information on how to order

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