Why Young Living?

We have been asked this a lot.  Once you’ve made the decision to embrace a lifestyle that seeks to encompass all things natural, and have been introduced to Essential Oils….where do you actually start?

The decision to use Young Living oils came from research, testimonials, and trusted referrals.  It began with a family member and Nurse Practitioner suggesting I use essential oils to manage my stress as a caregiver to my dear Mom.  From there, I learned how a small palette of essential oils could have a HUGE impact on emotional and physical health.

From this essential oil introduction, I immediately dove into research mode to learn which essential oil brand would offer the highest level of purity and provide the best value.  I soon learned that because this field is not highly regulated (which is also a blessing), the ETHICS and BUSINESS PRACTICES of the company selling the oils is crucial to understanding how to purchase a line of essential oils that makes sense for you.

Advisory caution: In the world of essential oils, you get what you pay for, literally!


… that the essential oil plant compounds offer the greatest potential benefit in their natural, unadulterated state, and that pure essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they are extracted?HowFast

…that the purest essential oils can safely and effectively be used aromatically, topically and internally – and when used aromatically can cross the blood-brain barrier (within 2 seconds) to directly effect the limbic system (mood/emotional center of the brain), entering our bloodstream (within 20 seconds) making a complete ’round trip’ within 20 minutes of inhalation (that’s right, no digestion or liver required!).

…that only as little as 6% of the named plant is required to be present in an oil mixture to earn the labeling classification ‘100% pure, therapeutic grade’ essential oil?

…that oils are often cut, diluted, blended synthetically, distilled using chemical solvents, redistilled, or pressed repeatedly – altering their beneficial constituents in order to increase yield and reduce costs?

…that rigorous in-house and third-party state-of-the-art  laboratory testing is essential to quality control and the ability to trace an individual bottle of oil directly to its source?

…that companies who trademark phrases that include words like ‘certified’ or ‘therapeutic’ are using that for marketing purposes, because of course a registered trademark phrase can only be used by the company registering it!

…that some essential oil distributors can redistill, or otherwise adulterate, an oil that they have purchased from a distillery – which explains why one company’s peppermint oil can smell more ‘candy-like’ than another’s – as it was found to have an additional synthetic component called ethyl vanillin in its base, yet it was still labelled 100% pure.

…that only one company owns its own farms and state-of-the-art distillery, scientifically authenticating and hand-selecting its non-GMO seeds to cultivate its wild-crafted plants using an exclusive ‘Seed to Seal’ process to offer a promise of purity and potency?

…that only one company is so seemingly transparent in its processes, and so proud of its heritage, that they invite anyone to their farms for a visit, and to experience the harvest of these vital plants – how cool is that? For more information on how to arrange a tour, check out Young Living Farms.

I trust and respect that for more than twenty years, the Young Living founders have used a tireless work ethic and grounded moral compass to pioneer and navigate new territory.  Their deep respect for nature is clear in the manner in which they farm and steward their land, and how they nurture their strategic partnerships with local growers.  Their charitable contributions speak loudly to the ideals they champion – to advocate for children and educational opportunities worldwide.  The company also recognizes and rewards each and every one of their global distributors, offering numerous loyalty incentives and one of the best compensation plans in the direct selling business.

Like anything I put onto or into my body or that of someone I care about, or anything that I passionately share with someone else, I want to have done my due diligence – and I strongly encourage you to do your own!  Based on what is important to me, and how I want to care for myself and those I love, Young Living met all of my criteria, and then some!

Hop on over to Essential Wellness Warriors and learn why the Young Living brand of essential oils is so special!  Join us and become your own version of awesome Warrior!

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